Fluid handling and industrial

The fluid handling sector is characterized by its high demands in terms of quality, precision and innovation.

We offer and distribute a product ranges under the Cepex brand name for the most demanding industries: Pool and wellness, irrigation, the chemical and petrochemical industry, the cooling systems industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the mining industry.

High precision products, such as ball, butterfly and check valves for controlling the flow of fluids, are made in different materials depending on their purpose: polyethylene 100 accessories that make it possible to design high pressure fluid distribution networks (electrofusion and butt welding); PVC accessories for making fluids bypass pipe sections or preventing their flow through them; and other accessories for the treatment and drainage of wastewater and rainwater, such as tee joints, branch joints and sumps.

Products are used in water and sanitary facilities, for the distribution of water, in pumping systems, for the treatment of wastewater, in irrigation systems, in automatic filtration systems, in filtration plants, in cooling ducts, etc.

Brands we represent: